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music studio recording 

Q1 The Mixtape

Featuring Wes B, LyRiKaL, RHYS, HYPHY, Trevell, Felicia & TRAK

With production by The Teknitions, RNB, J Cash & More




Fantastic 💥

ATTENTION💢 ATTENTION💢 It's Wes B Wednesday and I feel #Fantastic💥❗️ The moment you've all been waiting for is finally here❗️World Premier of my new music video. 💥💥💥💥😈👀Please #Share #WeActive #Activators #LooBoy #WesB

‎Posted by Wes B on‎ יום רביעי 7 דצמבר 2016

Directed by J. Mitch
Cinematography by Taylor B.
Edited by TRAK

Music Production by RNB Justize
Mix & Mastered by LyRiKaL
Recorded at The Teknitions Studios

Executive Produced by The Teknitions


HYPHY – Forever

'Forever'Shot on an iPhone!www.whoishyphy.com #WHOISHYPHY #THETEKNITIONS #IA #TMG #AppleMusic #iTunes #iPhone #viralEllen DeGeneres #Share #like #commentStream the new single 'Forever' now: http://smarturl.it/ForeverStreamDownload 'WHOISHYPHY EP': http://smarturl.it/WhoIsHyphyEP

Posted by HYPHY on Friday, October 28, 2016

Directed by J. Mitch & LyRiKaL
Cinematography by LyRiKaL & TRAK
Edited by LyRiKaL

Music Production by The Teknitions
Mix & Mastered by LyRiKaL & TRAK
Recorded at The Teknitions Studios

Executive Produced by The Teknitions






THE STU: Too Klean

Too Klean talks his time in prison, realizing his talent, his new climb in the hip hop industry and the new album The Underdawg.

Get Too Klean’s latest album, The Underdawg, on iTunes: bit.ly/theunderdawg

Follow Too Klean on Social Media

► Official Website: toodamnklean.com
► Facebook: facebook.com/TOODAMNKLEAN/
► Twitter: twitter.com/TOODAMNKLEAN/
► IG: instagram.com/TOO_DAMN_KLEAN

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